What are we here for, if not for love?

We’ve seen what happens now when you elevate celebrities to unreal and unnatural stardom. Where worship of what people are good at – a talent, a skill, a look, a way of expressing themselves –  makes people into little gods. This, in turn, causes people who do not match these standards to feel terrible about themselves.

We’ve seen what happens when people are allowed to say and do “as they think” without observing facts, or having facts checked. We now know that “calling it as you see it” can alienate, deride and crush other people.

I’m hoping for a world where people remember to love each other. Where they get to know each other, learn about each other. I’m praying for a world where education and intelligence are valued: where we look at the facts and check what we’re saying, rather than just making things up. Where we admit we may be wrong. Where people are guided by each other. Gently reminded. Careful to learn, always seeking understanding. Striving to find common ground.

We have to stop this train of unreasoned, hateful talk. We have to love each other. Love should be the next stop. Not a stop that ends with people getting hurt.

My heart is aching for people who may be hurt by what’s happening. Who may be part of the fallout.

But let’s not build walls; let’s break them down. Let’s learn to love those who we’ve found hard to love before. Let’s try to understand each other.

We breathe in, breathe out. We breathe the same air. We breathe our first breath in and life begins; our last breath out and life ends. We share this air on this beautiful planet. No one is a waste of air, of space. We share each other. The more we know each other, the more we learn to love – to care for each other like brothers and sisters.

Because what are we here for? What are we here for, if not for love?
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